About Mike

Ready to take your voice to the Capitol!

After graduating from Ft. Lupton High School, I volunteered and served in the Army for 8 years, specializing in communication systems. After two deployments to Iraq, I returned home to graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Business Administration. I service the northern Colorado area for a local communication service technology company.,

It is our duty to prepare the next generation. I have set my roots in this community where my wife, Amanda, and I are raising our three children. Hattie, 4, Gretchen, 2, and Elam, 6 months.

I am running because I believe in the infinite potential of our children and citizens. I know that, when we lower the barriers that limit that potential, we can achieve great things as a community. I am your neighbor and I know we deserve to have representation in our legislature that understands the proper role of our government and is willing to be a true voice that will convey the shared values of our community. I will be that representative and I look forward to serving you. 

Michael Thuener a is an Army Veteran, use of his military rank, job titles and photography in uniform does not imply endorsement by the United States Army or the Department of Defense.