Our citizens deserve better infrastructure. To do that, we need to make sure we are funding the projects now to get our roads and highways ready for tomorrow. I support bonding measures, such as proposition 109, the Fix our Damn Roads proposition, and prioritizing money for roads. 

I know that many would like to see more buses and trains. None of these options will work if we don't have well maintained roads to put buses on. It makes no real difference to our commuters if they are stuck in traffic on a bus or their own car if they can't get to work. Having a robust public transportation infrastructure would be nice, however, Coloradan's have a very independent nature that we must recognize and ensure that our citizens do not feel trapped in to a single mode of transportation. I want our citizens to have the freedom to take the transportation method that serves them best. 

We also need to be looking at enticing businesses throughout the state. When we have 800 new jobs created in Denver, but lose 200 in Greeley, we just put more commuters on the road. The Greeley, Garden City, and Evans area cannot be forgotten. If we want to be a destination for new businesses and growth, we need to have the infrastructure in place now to support that growth. 

We also have to look at everything that goes into our housing. Water usage, waste water treatment, and something that seems so innocuous but is extremely important to all of us, communications access. We need legislators that will support the water management projects that we have in the works such as the Northern Integrated Storage Project, and be willing to look at what it will take to plan now for the management of water so that Colorado is ready for the inevitable growth that is coming. 

We need to ensure that our communications infrastructure is being built to support the growing markets. Much of Colorado is limited to just 2 major internet service providers. This certainly does not help bring costs down. I want to work with our local communities to see what they see as hurdles for new providers coming to area, and how can we encourage innovation and investment to even the most rural communities. I have seen first hand how limited communications service limits where new business expand to in Northern Colorado and will be a voice to make sure we are not forgotten.