Colorado's Energy

Colorado has a wealth of natural resources. Here in Weld county we have an abundance of oil and natural gas and the technology to utilize it is continually evolving. House District 50 with Greeley, Evans and Garden city has become a place where not only the oil field employees have come to call home, but also home to growing small businesses to support them.

Whether it is the auto and truck mechanics, welders, or retailers that support the families, our lives have been bettered by the development of these natural resources. Our schools and city resources have benefited greatly from the oil and gas industry as well as supporting the growth they have been a part of. 

Colorado has led the way in the nation in regulating the oil and gas industry, being a leader in addressing safety and environmental concerns, and the industry has worked with the state whenever a concern has been raised. We have condition of approval that can be requested when a new operation goes in to place and none of those conditions have ever been denied by any developer.

While oil and gas should not be our only source of jobs or revenue, it is an integral part of it for the time being. With the growth of renewable energy, you will see oil and gas become even more integral in providing the backup generation we need when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. 

NO on Proposition 112!